You have a business to grow.

You don’t need to waste time and money on PR and marketing strategies that don’t work.


With Kwedar PR, you get expert marketing tailored to your specific goals and needs.

A lot of business owners feel confused about how to effectively, efficiently market their companies. With Kwedar PR, we become your PR/marketing department, so you get expertise dedicated to your goals and dreams.


Get clarity

Grow your company

Make an impact


We love big dreams.

Let’s make make yours a reality.

  • We’ve worked with 100s of business leaders in Fort Worth, Dallas, and beyond.

  • We have two decades of experience and expertise (more, if you include our industry partners!)

  • We’re driven by one singular passion: helping your business thrive.


Hourly Marketing Coaching

Sales Funnel & Website Wireframe Development

Branding, Messaging, Positioning

Ongoing Strategic Support


Learn more about how Kwedar PR can provide your organization with best, most cost-effective PR and marketing services in Fort Worth.

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