Treat Yourself Like a Client

Treat Yourself Like a Client

You work hard to take care of your customers. Flip that mirror around, treat yourself like a client, and see how that can positively affect your bottom line. 

In preparation for launching Kwedar PR, I worked very hard to treat myself like one of my clients. I took myself by the hand and went through my strategic planning process to ensure I made the most of this launch opportunity to introduce my business to the marketplace. It's going to take diligence and continued planning (and maybe a few mind games to hold myself accountable), but I know that I must work ON my business - not just IN my business - in order to be successful.

How would you treat yourself like a client?

What are the special ways that you take care of your patrons that you could apply to your business?

  • Do you communicate clearly with customers? Turn that inward and work to improve employee communications.
  • Do you keep your client materials clearly organized? Make sure that all your marketing and business collateral and services (e.g. ad campaigns, analytics, log-ins, newsletters, etc.) are easily accessible and transferable so that anyone can jump in and help when you need it.
  • Do you treat your customers with great care and respect? Your colleagues deserve this as well.

These are just a few examples to illustrate that - no matter your industry or expertise - you can apply your skills and processes to your own business. Need some help thinking through your client-facing methodology and how it can impact your organization? Let's talk!