Friday Reflection - What's Your Tendency?

Reading Gretchen Rubin's books on happiness and listening to her podcast Happier have genuinely contributed to an increase in my happiness. Her tips and advice have benefited my productivity and flow, and I love listening to Ms. Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft each week on the Happier podcast (Liz has another great podcast with her writing partner, Happier in Hollywood). But, it's Ms. Rubin's Four Tendencies framework that has really impacted my life.

Of course there's a fun quiz for you to take. Then, you can politely request those close to you to take it as well. FYI, I'm an obliger married to a questioner.

It is incredibly helpful to know yourself better. First, you'll be able to determine how better to accomplish your goals (if you're an obliger like me, you know you need to build in external accountability). Then, you'll learn how to better work with others (for instance, if you have a questioner in your life, you'll learn ALL THOSE QUESTIONS aren't meant to be rude), inspire them, and help them work toward their objectives.

We all bring something special to the table, but sometimes it can be difficult to see one another's gifts. I love personality frameworks because they give us a guide for optimal collaboration.

So, what's your tendency? Does this framework provide some illumination for your own struggles, or for challenges you may experience with others?

As Ms. Rubin says... onward!



Photo by Lili Kovac on Unsplash