Be Clear, Be Kind

Being clear is an act of kindness.

When you’re unclear, or you don’t provide understandable instructions, your audience can feel isolated and unwanted.

I had the opportunity today to receive very clear, helpful information that in turn made me feel like my presence was deeply wanted. There were no hoops for me the jump, no long waiting and observing periods before I knew the rules. Just clear, kind instructions. And this clarity felt so warm and kind, I was immediately hooked to return again and again.

If your business lingo is all “inside baseball” or clever-but-opaque marketing-speak, you may be doing more than losing potential customers or members; you may be actively telling them they are unwanted.

A few examples:

  • If a customer doesn’t know where to purchase your product, you’re telling them “I don’t want your money”

  • If your business or organization has confusing or non-existent signage, you’re saying “you’re not welcome here”

Do your potential clients know how to do business with you? Are you sure? If not, it’s more than just losing a sale, it’s telling someone to go away.

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