Lauren Cockerell Is a StoryBrand Certified Guide

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Have you ever looked ahead to the future with a clear vision of where you want to go and who you want to be, but the journey to get there is unclear?

Earlier this year, I found myself in that messy middle. Don’t misunderstand - I was doing great work for my wonderful clients, but I knew something was missing.

At that same time, I’d been listening to the Building a StoryBrand podcast by Donald Miller (an author I’ve followed over the years), and I read his book by the same name, and it hit me one day - I need to go study with this team.

So, I applied to their certified guide program, was accepted, and the next thing I knew, I was on my way to Nashville to hone my storytelling and marketing skills.

There have been some incredible benefits to becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide - both expected and unexpected. But, the best, most fulfilling aspect to this training is that my clients are loving what I’m bringing to the table. They are experiencing clarity for their business and marketing messaging like never before, and they’re now able to chart much clearer, more solid paths forward to achieving their dreams.

I know it’s difficult when you have a dream, and you know what’s possible, but the path to forge ahead is unclear - particularly when you’re scared to waste time and money on the wrong decision. I have been there, and so have my clients.

If you need help growing your business and achieving your dreams, I would love to be your champion.